Fitness, Pelvic Floor Coaching and Nutrition Coaching Fees

Group Indoor & Outdoor Fitness

Group Adult Classes Trial lesson: 15CHF
5 x lesson pass: 140CHF (valid for 7 weeks)
10 x lesson pass: 250CHF (valid for 3 months)
Group Kids Classes Trial lesson: free
6 x lesson pass: 105CHF
10 x lesson pass: 175CHF
Pas-as-you-go: 20CHF/class

Fitness, Nutrition, and Pelvic Floor Coaching

Personal training and nutrition walk hand in hand, so personal training can be combined with nutrition coaching for optimal results, depending on your aspirations.

Single session at Well Mama's studio in Horgen (60min) 150CHF
10 x sessions at Well Mama's studio in Horgen (60min) 1,200CHF (120CHF per session)
Mini-sessions at Well Mama's studio in Horgen (30min) 60CHF
* Book 10 sessions and get a FREE Personalised Fitness Programme in the value of 60CHF

Well Mama understands that life as a new mother can get complicated, so we are happy to travel to you.  For rates please email us at  

Fitness and Nutrition Coaching sessions can be held in: English, Portuguese, Spanish or German.


For expectant moms:

All of the information on this site assumes that the mother-to-be is in good physical and mental health, and that her pregnancy is without risk factors or complications. Website content is for informational purposes only and is not intended to offer medical advice, or replace the recommendations of your doctor, midwife, physical therapist or nurse practitioner. Always consult your doctor before beginning any exercise programme.

For new moms and women of any age:

If you have limitations, or conditions and are in care of a doctor, please always consult him/her before beginning any exercise programme.

Quality Assurance

QualiCert - Certified Quality

Well Mama postnatal group classes and personal training are quality-assured via QualiCert.  Please check with your health insurance or supplemental insurance providers regarding coverage and reimbursement of costs for your participation in our health and fitness promoting programmes.