Well Mama Training One-on-one or with Friends


Well Mama's Personal Training and Coaching Room

Working out at home

For clients that prefer to work out in the comfort of their own homes whether prenatal or postnatal, Well Mama will conveniently come to you with state-of-the-art equipment for a personalised and effective one-on-one session.

Well Mama's Personal Training Room

Well Mama has recently moved to a brand new studio, the Feel Good Zone, in Horgen.
Address: Tödistrasse 62/64, 8810 Horgen

Parking: there are a number of visitor parking spaces onsite, or off street parking a few minutes away.  

Train/Bus: if coming by public transport, your closest train station would be Horgen Oberdorf.  The studio is only about 10-min away by foot - some of the way is however steep.  

Group Indoor Fitness
Group Indoor Fitness

Other locations

If you prefer to workout in a gym environment with access to large equipment, we are happy to workout with you at your local or work gym. Please note that additional fitness centre’s admittance fees are not included the in the programme’s fees.

Training with friends

Working out with friends can have many benefits, particularly if you’re sharing a life changing situation such as pregnancy or caring for a baby.  One-on-two or one-on-three sessions are available outdoors or indoors as long as the necessary physical space is available. This will allow you not only to share the costs, but also the positive benefits that working out with friends offer, including added motivation and support.