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A Mama’s Journey through Postantal Fitness

by Viviane Höger

Kristina’s Postnatal Fitness Journey

I met Kristina when she attended a trial lesson for my outdoor postnatal fitness class in March of this year. She was four months postpartum and had recently returned to the gym.

She kept active throughout her pregnancy, working out until the day before she gave birth! Although Kristina felt that she was already in good shape and fairly fit, she wanted to achieve a leaner and more toned look, particularly in her abdominal area. Kristina was also concerned she had developed diastasis recti, but following a rec-check we were able to ascertain that the separation was within the normal range. We both agreed however, that there was room for improvement.

As Kristina had very specific goals, we decided that the one-on-one sessions would best suit her. This would allow her maximum flexibility, but also require some commitment to working out on her own at home or at the gym.

The initial programme focused on safely reducing the abdominal separation, re-educating the pelvic floor and laying the foundations for core strength. We gradually increased the intensity of the resistance exercises, challenging different muscle groups and using a variety of small equipment to ensure the workouts were always different and exciting.  

To achieve Kristina’s goals it was also imperative we looked at her diet. She kept a food diary for a week and the results were enlightening. It was clear that she led a healthy lifestyle with balanced meals and lots of fruit and veg, but because she often felt tired, low in energy and hungry, she was also eating a fair amount of sugar in the form of snacks and home-made smoothies. Some of the sugar intake however was through the consumption of items Kristina didn’t necessarily know were ‘unhealthy’, such as shop-bought muesli and pasta sauce.

We worked on ensuring that Kristina was eating enough protein and good fats with her meals to stave off the cravings, and she actively began checking food labels for ‘hidden-sugars’.

Kristina was disciplined and eager to be pushed, no exercise was too hard that she couldn’t master it. And just like any other mother finding her way through the postnatal journey, all she needed was a gentle push and some guidance.

Kristina's Feedback

What aspect of the Well Mama programme did you enjoy the most and why?

A written specific programme of exercises made exactly to fit my needs that I could take home and follow when I have time and need to train at home. Now I just pull it out my drawer and follow each time I train at home - nice and easy.

Do you feel that the nutritional coaching was beneficial?

It was very valuable to understand what small changes could be made in my diet to achieve a big difference in terms of making the meals healthier. I loved the analysis of my existing diet instead of usual recommendations of what to eat and what not that you find in books etc.

What would you say to mothers-to-be or new mothers considering training with Well Mama?

Viviane is a great listener and understands exactly ones preferences, needs, and restrictions and does all she can to prepare the exactly right program. She is very flexible with time and extremely understanding and friendly towards your little ones in terms of timing, feeding schedule, entertainment etc. Each time Viviane prepared new exiting and challenging exercises so training was never boring! I just wish I could afford to train with her every other day for the rest of my life.

Kristina Gabrielsson, mum of Karl (7 months) and Alicia (3.5 years)

Think one-on-one training might be for you?

If you have flexibility, I still have some free spots for training taking place at my in-home fitness room in Horgen. My 18-month old doesn’t start day-care until September, so she’s present (mostly playing around us) while we workout. If this doesn’t faze you, I’d be delighted to hear from you!


Single one-on-one training session (60min): CHF60.00
5 x one-on-one training sessions (60min): CHF50.00 (per session)

This includes a bespoke written training plan for you to take home, and use of functional equipment such as TRX, Pilates Ball, Flexi-Bar and T-Bow among many others.

You can reach me via E-mail:  info@wellmama.ch or Mobile: 079 945 0805 (Viviane Hoeger)

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